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Flavor Bacon Peanut Butter

Frozen Yogurt Cups (4 Pack)

Give your dog a cone!

At The Bear & The Rat, the dog is a member of your family. They're your BFF, your Best Friend with Fur. With live & active cultures, our cool treats are good for their digestion and good for their immune health so you can feel great about treating your dog. If your dogs are anything like ours, they want what you're having. Now you can cool down your BFF (best friend with fur). And you can fool your dogs into thinking they're getting an ice cream, one of life's greatest pleasures! Your dog's a member of the family. Treat him or her, well.

Here are a few things these treats do have:
Nonfat yogurt
Organic rice maltodextrin
Peanut butter (peanuts)
Guar & Locust bean gums

And here's what it doesn't have:
No added sugar
No wheat
No corn or soy
No gluten
No artificial colors
No artificial flavors
No artificial preservatives

These ALL NATURAL frozen yogurt dogs treats have 3 BILLION probiotic cultures per cup! This treat is not only fun, it's healthy! A daily dose may reduce doggie breath as well as support a pups digestive & immune system.

3.5 oz per cup

About The Bear & The Rat~ Meg Hanceford Meyer and Matt Mayer, the brains behind The Bear & The Rat, are based out of Denver, CO and are passionate about making a frozen dog treat that's not only delectable but benefits a canine's digestion as well. Before this product hit the freezer shelves, Meg and Matt worked with an animal nutritionist and holistic veterinarian to make sure that their treat was good enough to serve your dog. *'The Bear' is a Lhasa who grrrowls like a bear & 'The Rat' is a Rat Terrier with an unfortunate nickname.

  • Manufactured by: The Bear & The Rat

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