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Type One Individually Wrapped

L- Bone

This L Bone is the beef funny bone, but there is nothing funny about the delicious meaty tidbits and hours of chewing this bone provides. Our all-natural L bone is the elbow of a USA beef. It is dipped in natural liquid smoke and oven baked with no artificial ingredients. The L Bone is best for medium to large size dogs. All Jones products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

Product Info: 10 oz. - 1.3 lbs. each / 7-9" long / best for medium to large size dogs

Ingredients: beef elbow bone

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min. 21%, Crude Fat Min. 19%, Crude Fiber Max. 3%, Moisture Max. 6%

*All of Jones Natural meat treats and chews for dogs are made from USA meat products.

Safety & quality are the top priorities at Jones Natural Chew Co. They use food grade natural flavorings and do not allow any artificial ingredients in their treats and chews. They purchase raw products from USDA inspected meat plants within the USA, and have traceable batch code numbers on all products.

100% Guaranteed for quality. Dogs Know the Difference!

*Supervision is always recommended when you feed your dogs bones, chews or treats. Choose a suitable bone or treat for your dog that is consistent with the size of the dog and the dog's chewing habits. It is recommended to take any bone away if it becomes small enough to fit inside the dog's mouth and remove any small bone pieces that the dog has chewed off.

About Jones Natural Chews ~ Located in Rockford, IL, six generations of expertise in the meat industry have proven to be a valuable asset to Jones Natural Chews. The Jones family takes pride in the consistency and quality of their natural, healthy dog treats and chews made from animal products supplied by USDA inspected plants within the USA. All of JNC's products are 100% grown and made in the USA. We know you care what you feed your pets. The quality of our products are very important to us here at Jones'. We go out of our way to provide safe and wholesome edible chews and treats for your family members. We have a very severe HACCP (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point) plan in place. Stringent cleanliness guidelines, product testing (in our in-house lab along with outside laboratories), and product lot code and tracking, are just a few things the HACCP plan covers.

  • Manufactured by: Jones Natural Chews

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