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                                                           ** NOTICE **
Acana is now being made in Kentucky at Champions' new Dogstar Kitchens. They are phasing in the new recipes. There will be slight ingredient changes since only fresh regional ingredients are used in their products. They have also created a new line named Heritage Meats that will be added to their Singles and Regionals line of dog food. We will be making changes to the product listings as the new products come in and the older products phase out. Visit their website at http://acana.com/our-foods/dog-foods/?lang=usa to see the changes.


Manufacturer Item Name Price
PawGanics PawGanics All Purpose Cleaner

PawGanics All Purpose Cleaner

PawGanics™ Lavender Scented All Purpose Cleaner hunts down grease, dirt and grime where they live, leaving surfaces remarkably clean. This...


PawGanics PawGanics Dish & Bowl Cleaner

PawGanics Dish & Bowl Cleaner

PawGanics™ Foaming Dish and Bowl Cleaner leaves your pets' dishes and bowls (and yours) squeaky clean and fresh safely. Made with natural,...


PawGanics PawGanics Floor Concentrate

PawGanics Floor Concentrate

PawGanics™ Floor Cleaner Concentrate cuts through grease, dirt and grime, leaving your floors clean and safe. For pets and children, floors are...


PawGanics PawGanics Stain & Odor Remover

PawGanics Stain & Odor Remover

PawGanics™ Foaming Stain & Odor Remover fights tough pet accidents and smells-naturally. Our powerful foaming formula penetrates stains...


PawGanics PawGanics Toy & Surface Wipes

PawGanics Toy & Surface Wipes

PawGanics™ toy and Solid Surface Cleaning Wipes hunt down grease, drool, dirt and grime where they live, leaving surfaces remarkably clean. Our...


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