Size 1 individually wrapped

BRB Knuckle Bones - Single Pack

Great for cleaning teeth!

Raw knuckle bones consist of joint tissue, flesh meat and bone. They are softer bones than the leg (weight bearing) bone. These bones allow dogs to scrape their teeth into the bone which helps to clean food and tartar from their teeth. The meat tissue that is typically left on the bones encourages nibbling and pulling with the front teeth. 

Knuckle bones are also great mental stimulation for dogs. And, they provide a natural balance of calcium and phosphorus along with chondroitin for joint health.
*Remember to monitor your dogs when eating raw meaty bones. If parts become small enough to swallow whole, discard them.

Single Knuckle Bone 2-3#

Blue Ridge Beef is a family owned pet food manufacturer, registered with the USDA. For the past 30 years, BRB has been committed to providing raw meat and meat products for dogs and cats. BRB is the all-natural, 100% pure food that nature designed for optimal health and nutrition. No additives or preservatives.  

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