Size 5 pounds

BRB Shank Bones

Shank Bones are also called Beef Marrow Bones. They are beef leg bones with meat and sinew left on, cut into 4-5 inch pieces. The inside of the bone contains the tasty marrow dogs love to work for. Since the leg bone is a weight bearing or "hard bone", you should monitor your dog while chewing this recreational bone. Aggressive chewers can fracture teeth on shank bones. Marrow is rich, fatty and too much can cause loose stool in some dogs.

Available in 5# bags

About Blue Ridge Beef ~ Blue Ridge Beef is a family owned pet food manufacturer, registered with the USDA. For the past 30 years, BRB has been committed to providing raw meat and meat products for dogs and cats. BRB is the all-natural, 100% pure food that nature designed for optimal health and nutrition. No additives or preservatives.

  • Manufactured by: Blue Ridge Beef

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