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Answers Pet Food Answers Raw Chicken Feet

Answers Raw Chicken Feet

Answers Chicken Feet are a nutrient-dense line of fermented raw wholefood treats for cats and dogs. Organically and humanely-raised and handled...

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Answers Pet Food Answers Rewards Treats

Answers Rewards Treats

Guilt-Free Raw Treats Who doesn't love giving their dogs and cats cheese? With RewardsTM, we've made cheese treats even better. Our ingredients start...

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Oma's Pride Beef Marrow Bones

Beef Marrow Bones

Whiter Teeth Healthier Gums Fresher Breath Mental Stimulation These hard bones offer an excellent method for dogs to exercise their jaws, massage...

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Oma's Pride Whole Beef Knuckle Bones

Whole Beef Knuckle Bones

Whole Beef Knuckles These knuckles are BIG  ~ 6-7 inches in diameter, with cartilage and red meat attached.  Case contains ~9-10 Whole Beef...

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Blue Ridge Beef BRB Knuckle Bones - Single Pack

BRB Knuckle Bones - Single Pack

Great for cleaning teeth! Raw knuckle bones consist of joint tissue, flesh meat and bone. They are softer bones than the leg (weight bearing) bone....

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