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Size 7 oz

Dry Deodorant Shampoo

Want Clean Great Smelling Pets?

The problem is that not all pets like to be bathed.

Others don't enjoy traveling by car to visit a groomer. Sometimes the weather is too extreme for a quick hosing. Lumino Dry Deodorant Shampoo is an all-natural, easy to apply, waterless shampoo for keeping furry pets clean and fresh smelling.

It extends the time between baths or grooming appointments. Quickly and easily remove pet odors and dirt. This is a gentle, safe option. The all food grade ingredients are harmless to people, pets, and the environment. This unique blend feels as soft as French powder. It is even safe if ingested.

To make it safe for ALL pets we incorporated hydrosols instead of essential oils. Hydrosols are similar to essential oils only far less concentrated. This makes them safe for pets, especially felines, which can be at risk when exposed to essential oils. Hydrosols are slightly acidic, making them beneficial with their healing anti-inflammatory and mild therapeutically antiseptic properties.

INGREDIENTS: Pure Food Grade freshwater Diatomaceous Earth (Amorphous non-crystalline silica), Bentonite clay, baking soda, sea salt, and organic hydrosols of lavender and lemon balm.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Select a location you can sweep or vacuum easily. Brush your pet thoroughly. Lightly massage Dry Deodorant Shampoo into pet's coat. Let shampoo sit for 15 minutes. Groom pet with a brush to remove dirt and excess oils. Avoid eyes, nose, and ears. Lightly sprinkle around pet's bedding as a further odor deterrent.

Caution: For those with respiratory difficulties this is a fine powder and should not be inhaled.

About Lumino ~ It's not about us, it's about your pets. Every day we talk and sometimes cry with distressed pet owners. We feel honored and humbled that you are willing to put your trust in our products. We aren't a large company, just a small band of folks dedicated to producing toxic-free flea killers and natural remedies for other external pet problems. We have had positive responses from pet stores and are now carried in over 2,500 shops across the country.  Our crew works many seven day weeks with long hours and sore backs. But, when we hear from customers telling us how our products have helped their pets, and calls from businesses who share our concerns about some of the treatments being used on pets, it is all worthwhile.

"The purity of a persons heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals." Anonymous

  • Manufactured by: Lumino

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