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Starting at: $12.95

Size 4 Inch Split

8 Inch Split

8 Inch XL Split

Elk Antler Chews - Split

These Antler Chews are naturally-shed from ranch-raised elk.

4" Split - *Specifically created for small and medium breeds (under 40 lbs)

8" Split - *Specifically created for large and extra large breeds (over 40 lbs).

8" X-Large Split - *For giant breeds

The edges are sanded to remove sharp edges for safety. These products typically last longer than rawhide and are great for healthy teeth and gums. Splits are great for softer chewers or dogs not familiar with elk antler products. Dogs love to have full access to the marrow in the middle of the chew! Typically not as long lasting as our whole antler chews.

About Wapiti Labs ~ Wapiti Labs begins with the elk herd at Wolf Creek Elk Ranch. The elk, selected for the best genetics to produce the healthiest stock, became the basis for Wapiti Labs, which uses Elk Velvet Antler in several of its all-natural pet supplements. Wolf Creek Elk Ranch offers the elk a completely pollution-free, natural environment. To reduce stress, grazing land does not exceed two animals per acre. All animals are certified by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health and are registered with the North American Elk Breeders Association. Routine checks are conducted by a registered veterinarian and a certified nutritionist to ensure proper health and nutrition. Wolf Creek Elk Ranch has been certified CWD and tuberculosis free.

  • Manufactured by: Wapiti Labs

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