Size 7 oz

Hairball Plus

The perfect, ALL-NATURAL solution to managing hairballs in cats, CocoTherapy Hairball Plus is made with high-fiber, organic coconut. 

Coconut fiber passes through the intestines and has a much greater impact on intestinal transit time. It increases stool bulk to help waste pass through more efficiently. Unlike other coconut products, CocoTherapy Hairball Plus breaks down easily in water, feeding friendly gut bacteria, thereby producing Short-Chain Fatty Acids that are necessary for optimum gut health.

All-natural, contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, and fillers - it's safe for all cats and kittens -- including those with sensitive stomachs or food allergies!

CocoTherapy Hairball Plus:

  • Helps your cat pass hairballs easily by adding moisture and bulk to his stool
  • Does NOT contain phytic acid, which depletes your cat of vitamins and minerals
  • Contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) to support healthy immune response
  • Supports healthy skin and coat, and reduces shedding
  • Supports digestive and gastrointestinal health
  • Supports healthy weight
  • Safe for kittens and pregnant cats
  • Safe for long-term use
  • USDA Organic Seal

Raw & vegan, grain & gluten free, dairy free, NO sulfites, NO mineral oil and petroleum 100% Human-grade, 100% USDA-certified organic by GOA. Non-GMO.

Available in 7 oz re-sealable bag

About Cocotherapy ~ CocoTherapy® believes in the total well-being of all living things. It is an all-natural, earth-conscious brand that centers on the common belief that coconuts are a healthy food that has nourished populations around the world for generations. The coconut tree is extremely valued as both a source of food and medicine among Asian and Pacific populations, that it is often called "The Tree of Life." CocoTherapy specifically celebrates the total well-being of our furry friends by making available the goodness of coconuts in all its products.

  • Manufactured by: Cocotherapy

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