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Multi Purpose Mats

Dog Gone Smart Crate Pads- Use them just about anywhere!

These easy-care fabrics are ideal for the messy puppy and older dogs alike-- Using Repelz-It Nanoprotection these pads resists dirty paws, pet stains, liquids, AND reduce the spread of bacteria and "doggie" odors.

  • Designed to fit most standard-sized crates and carriers
  • Protect your furniture from unwanted dog hair and pet stains- use the crate pad over an couch cushion or your dog's favorite chair
  • Great for traveling-- these plush pads can be used as a travel bed or a car seat cushion.
  • 100% soft cotton fabric on one side makes the pads cool in the summer while the reversed fleece side provides extra warmth in the winter

In Stock: Mushroom - size Small - 19 x 24 - Qty 1
Mushroom - size Medium - 21 x 30 - Qty 1
Sage Green - size Large - 23 x 36 - Qty 2

Available Sizes
X-Small 15"x20" (for dogs up to 10lbs)
Small 19"x24" (for dogs 10-25lbs)
Medium 21"x30" (for dogs 25-35lbs)
Large 23"x36" (for dogs 35-50lbs)
X-Large 28"x42" (for dogs 50-70lbs)
XX-Large 30"x48" (for dogs 70+lbs)

About Dog Gone Smart ~ Eight years ago our CEO, animal behaviorist and canine expert Chris Onthank, set out to solve many of the common pet problems we face today. Having worked with dogs his whole life, Chris knows what products work best to keep them healthy, happy and safe. He also understands how cleanliness and odor control are major concerns of every pet owner. Dog Gone Smart Pet Products is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative pet products in today's market - products that have been tested and REALLY work! Dog Gone Smart assembles and manufactures its products in India, China and the United States, under strict quality and health standards, making sure that their fabric finishes are safe to the factory workers, the environment and to the end user.

  • Manufactured by: Dog Gone Smart

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