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Size 12 can tray

15 ounces

Organic Sweet Potato

Nummy Tum Tum™ Pure Sweet Potato

100% Organic & Made in the USA

Pure Sweet Potato is made from yummy organic sweet potatoes that are grown in the USA. Our sweet potatoes are selected for their quality -- they are clean, sound, properly matured, orange fleshed, and firm. We use the same exacting safety standards and processing techniques that we use for our pumpkin puree to produce a naturally sweet, wholly nutritious Pure Sweet Potato puree for your pet's dining and snacking pleasure.

Suggested serving size is 1 tablespoon per 10 lbs weight as a daily food supplement.

Available in single 15oz cans or cases of twelve

About Nummy Tum Tum ~ We are pet owners and pet lovers. Our healthy, organic Nummy Tum Tum products make our pets jump, wiggle, and squiggle for joy -- and because they support healthy tummies they can also save you some visits to the vet! We were inspired to create Nummy Tum Tum products from our own experiences as pet owners and from the many stories we heard about pets that love pumpkin and sweet potato. Now these two delicious tastes are available to you in a nutritious, super smooth puree made from organic ingredients, all from the USA.

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