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PawGanics Toy & Surface Wipes

PawGanics™ toy and Solid Surface Cleaning Wipes hunt down grease, drool, dirt and grime where they live, leaving surfaces remarkably clean. Our non-toxic, sustainable wipes clean toys without leaving a harsh chemical residue behind (your four-legged family members will sure appreciate this) Works great on hard surfaces too- you'll want to use them everywhere. And, our Cleaning Wipes are packaged with 100% Wind Energy.

Ingredients: Plant based cleaning agents (coconut, palm kernel, corn and sugar based surfactants), soy ester (soy based), filtered water, water conditioning agent, chealtor, preservative.

Size: 75 Count

What you need to know about Pet Safety...

  • There are over 70,000 synthetic chemicals in commercial production
  • On average, three new synthetics enter the market each day
  • Due to trade-secret labeling laws, manufacturers are not required to list all their ingredients on product labels
  • Chemical information is required by law only on products used in the workplace; it is not mandatory on the products we use in our homes
  • According to the National Research Council, no information on potentially  toxic  ingredients is available for over 80% of the chemicals in everyday-use products
  • Traces of chemicals can be found in every organ of the body within 26 seconds of exposure

"Pet Safety…We all hear the words "green", "organic" and "natural" a lot these days but what does it all really mean? Do you have to be a chemist to clean your home in a safe, natural, non-toxic way? The answer is no, you just need a bit of information to help you out!

Most people don’t think twice about the products they use to clean their countertops or scrub the bathtub, but the harsh reality is that they may be exposing themselves and their family, including their pets, to hazardous and toxic chemicals. Just like people, pets can become exposed to household chemicals that may contain harsh chemicals or leave behind toxic residue.Your dog or cat is as vulnerable as a child. They are unaware of the dangers they may encounter while playing on the floor or putting things in their mouths. In fact they could accidentally ingest the hazardous and toxic chemicals used to clean the home.

The increase in the use of cleaners and other household chemicals in recent years has been linked to greater risk for a number of health conditions in both animals and people. These include irritations of the eyes and skin, respiratory disorders, and unfortunately, accidental poisoning.

The statistics are scary, especially parents of children and pets. Happily the PawGanics team has worked hard to create products that are naturally non-toxic for a safe and clean home.”

  • Manufactured by: PawGanics

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