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Just add meat! Preference is a grain free dog food base-mix made with sweet potatoes, organic alfalfa, coconut, pumpkin, celery and more. This natural, human grade 'foundation diet' offers an easy way to make homemade dog food recipes in your own kitchen. It takes care of all the prep work, so you can add whichever meat or fish you would like.

Preference is an excellent option for dogs who do better without common protein sources (like chicken, turkey or beef) or who just enjoy a little variety. 

Ingredients: All ingredients dehydrated: Sweet potatoes, organic alfalfa, cabbage, organic coconut, apples, spinach, pumpkin, bananas, celery, organic kelp, honey, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein, min..... 12%
Fat, min .....6%
Fiber.....10% max
Moisture..... 10% max
330 calories per dry cup 

Suitable for dogs of all ages including pups and seniors.

How to Use Preference
Preference is suggested for use with added raw meat, meaty bones or cooked meat of your preference (never cooked bones), as a base for a home made diet. It’s ideal for dogs who are sensitive to more popular meats. Therefore, more exotic meats, fish or alternative protein sources may be used as required.Preference is intended for supplemental feeding only, and has not been developed to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles or provide a complete and balanced diet when fed alone.This diet contains a custom vitamin-mineral premix with balanced calcium: phosphorus ratios, which are vital for the maintenance of healthy cells, bones and blood.

Meats may be added to Dry Preference at a ratio 1:1 to 2:1 depending on the age, breed and level of activity of your pet. Please see feeding recommendations below -

  • Up to 10 lbs. For a less active dog, feed 1/4 cups of dry preference & 1/4 cup meat. For a more active dog, feed 1/6 cups of dry preference & 1/3 cup meat.
  • Up to 30 lbs. For a less active dog, feed 1/2 cups of dry preference & 1/2 cup meat. For a more active dog, feed 1/3 cup of dry preference & 2/3 cup meat.
  • Up to 50 lbs. For a less active dog, feed 1 cup of dry preference & 1 cup meat. For a more active dog, feed 2/3 cup of dry preference & 1 1/3 cups meat.
  • Up to 70 lbs. For a less active dog, feed 1 1/8 cup of dry preference & 1 1/8 cup meat. For a more active dog, feed 3/4 cup of dry preference & 1 1/2 cups meat.
  • Up to 90 lbs. For a less active dog, feed 1 1/3 cups of dry preference & 1 1/3 cups meat. For a more active dog, feed 1 cup of dry preference & 2 cups meat. 
Available Sizes:
3 lbs Box - Makes 12 lbs of fresh food
7 lbs Box - Makes 28 lbs of food

About The Honest Kitchen - "Every Pet Deserves to be Healthy. That’s why we make our dehydrated pet foods with Love, uncompromising attention to detail, and the most pristine, whole-food ingredients we can get our paws on. After all, good food is the cornerstone of health and really can help pets overcome many health problems — from itching & ear infections to chronic GI upset and worse. Supplying Peace of Mind - The Honest Kitchen is the only pet food company with FDA approval to label its pet foods human grade. That's because we only use human-edible ingredients, and produce our food in a human food manufacturing facility. Our finished product remains human-grade from farm to bowl and we've been known to battle in court with those who dispute this! Read more from our president & founder."

  • Manufactured by: The Honest Kitchen

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