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Premier Omega Oil


Iceland Pure Fish Oils promotes

  • Healthy skin & glistening coat
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved the immune system
  • Decreased shedding
  • Adds moisture to dry, irritated skin
  • May be used to enhance your pet's appetite by adding an appealing fish flavor

Advanced research and case studies continue to show evidence that the benefits of Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids such as:
-Reduced Joint Discomfort
-Less Problems with Dry, Itchy Skin Attractive, Shiny Coat
-Renewed Energy
-Protection against Auto Immune Diseases
-Reduced Risk of Stroke or Heart Problems
-Keeping Blood Triglycerides in Check
-Antioxidant Properties Lower Risk of Cancer
-Anti-Inflammatory Activity

The Reseach -

*Premier Omega Fish oil is not Unscented, this oil has a mild fish smell milder. So if you have a sensitive nose or just hate the smell of fish let's say that you have been warned....

1 tsp equals 3,053 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Calorie Content: 10 calories per 1 gram. 1 Liter (33oz) = 10,000 calories
1 pump = 1/2 teaspoon

Guaranteed Analysis per Teaspoon (4,800mg)
Crude Protein       0%
Crude Fat       99.9%
Moisture       0.1%
Crude Ash       0%
Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids max*    3,053.3mg/tsp
Elcosapentaenoic Acid max* (EPA)    1,511.1 mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid max *(DHA)    1,103.1 mg
Omega 6 fatty acid's max*    61.6 mg
Vitamin E    1,051ppm

Ingredients: Sardine and Anchovies (wild), Mixed Tocopherols (preservative)

Recommended Feeding:
Dogs greater than 60lb to 80lb - 2,000mg x day = 1 pumps daily
Dogs greater that 100lb - 3,000mg x day = 2 pumps daily
For larger dogs such as Great Danes - 4,500mg x day = 3 pumps daily
Or as recommended by your Veterinarian. 


WE RECOMMEND THIS DUE TO THE FACT THAT OUR PREMIER OMEGA FISH OIL IS VERY VISCOSE THUS BY STORING IN THE REFRIGERATOR THE OIL WILL BECOME A BIT DENSER ENSURING A BETTER PUMP PERFORMANCE. WE ARE ALSO ENCLOSING A CAP FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE TO CAP THE BOTTLE IN THE EVENT THAT YOU RATHER USE A MEASURING SPOON INSTEAD OF THE PUMP. This is a new pump and we haven't had any problems with it, if you do please let us know so we can correct the problem. The Silicone plug tends to become yellow, if this is your case there is nothing wrong with the oil, this happens just because the oil dyes the silicone plug. Very Important Notice**Our Premier Omega fish oil is super concentrated thus it may stain or damage plastic, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you put under the bottle a small glass plate.**

About Iceland Pure ~ Iceland Pure was founded in 2005, we are a small company dedicated to offer the best oils for dogs, cats and horses. We produce only what we need to deliver in a weeks time, by doing so we can guarantee that our product is always fresh. Our products come from Iceland and Norway and then we bottle the oils in our warehouse located in Vista, California. We are committed on delivering the world's safest, most effective omega fish oils for our furry friends never in a plastic bottle.....had to say it.....

Pure Icelandic fish oils In a Safe Bottle - Providing a product that is healthy and safe for pets is what Iceland Pure products are all about. In 2005 Iceland Pure discovered that the plastic bottles that housed our nutritional salmon oil shrunk soon after being filled. After analyzing the competition we learned quickly that our competitors were suffering from the same problem. We also noticed that those who used plastic bottles which were less expensive shrunk with more severity and more frequently. Iceland Pure was determined to find out why this was happening and what was causing it. Many environmentalists, health conscious and educated public are aware that plastic bottles are made of many toxic chemicals. One of these chemicals is called Hexane. Certain liquids will tend to "break down" the plastic if the liquid is left inside of a bottle over time. In order to ensure the quality of our product and maintain its integrity for our customers Iceland Pure continues to bring you the safest and healthiest products on the market. That is why we are proud to announce to our customers the new GREEN BRUSHED ALUMINUM BOTTLES. Our bottles are coated with Epoxy Resin that once hardened, becomes like glass. Oil will not break down this type of coating, and the coating will not affect the purity of the oil. Our new BRUSHED ALUMINUM bottles will ensure a healthier and safer alternative for our furry friends. *Never purchase a bottle that is shrinking or is buckled.

  • Manufactured by: Iceland Pure

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