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New packaging! Same great recipe!

Prowl is an all natural cat food made with free range chicken, eggs and produce like sweet potatoes, spinach and cranberries. It is almost 70% meat, and is a natural human grade cat food that's ideal for adult cats, particularly those who need a diet without gluten.

It's our original cat food recipe, and some of our very first customers still think it's one of the best cat foods available! Prowl is a high-moisture dehydrated cat food, which can be used in place of homemade or canned cat food diets.

Ingredients: All ingredients dehydrated: Chicken, eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, organic flaxseed, pumpkin, spinach, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein..... 39% min
Fat..... 29.5% min
Fiber..... 2.38% max
Moisture..... 5.2% max
576 calories per dry cup

"Why We Don’t Add Taurine ~ Taurine, though not literally an amino acid, is commonly referred to as such and is essential in the feline diet.  Unlike other mammals, including humans, cats cannot synthesize Taurine within their bodies. They must obtain it in thier diet from animal tissue and products.  Because many commercial foods contain rendered and highly-processed meats, this essential nutrient is lacking.  It must, therefore, be supplemented.  And because baking has been shown to destroy as much as 52% of naturally-ocurring Taurine in meats and as much as 70% by boiling, an extruded dry kibble diet that has been cooked at high temperature cannot begin to meet a cat’s needs without adding this back in synthetically.  This is a good reason for feeding a raw diet to cats or one that includes fresh and minimally-processed sources of USDA human-grade meat such as our Prowl.

Taurine is found naturally in animal products such as poultry, eggs, dairy and the highest concentrations in meat and fish.  In the wild, cats would get this from their prey. Did you know that the Taurine content of a typical mouse is more than 10 times that of most foods your indoor cat would likely have access to!?  This includes beef, beef liver, chicken, eggs and milk.  Cats tend to use their supply of Taurine up  faster than can replenish it, so they need to get a regular adaquate supply in thier diet daily.  Cocker Spaniels, prone to Taurine deficiency, also may benefit from supplementation in their diet.

Taurine is essential for the health and proper functioning of the eyes, heart, reproductive system and muscles.  A deficiency over time can result in retinol atrophy (a shrinking of the main functioning area of the eye) or cardiomyopathy (a weakening of the heart muscle).   Since Taurine will not build up in a cat’s body, supplementing (if recommended by your vet) will not result in overdosing.  AAFCO recommends a minimum of .1% for a dry kibble and .2% for a canned food.  No guidelines have been established for dehydrated cat foods.   You will not see Taurine listed in the ingredients for our Prowl dehydrated cat food because it is contained naturally in the USDA human-grade chicken as it should be.  This is not supplemented synthetically."

About The Honest Kitchen - "Every Pet Deserves to be Healthy. That’s why we make our dehydrated pet foods with Love, uncompromising attention to detail, and the most pristine, whole-food ingredients we can get our paws on. After all, good food is the cornerstone of health and really can help pets overcome many health problems — from itching & ear infections to chronic GI upset and worse. Supplying Peace of Mind - The Honest Kitchen is the only pet food company with FDA approval to label its pet foods human grade. That's because we only use human-edible ingredients, and produce our food in a human food manufacturing facility. Our finished product remains human-grade from farm to bowl and we've been known to battle in court with those who dispute this! Read more from our president & founder.  http://www.thehonestkitchen.com/about/message-from-lucy/"

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