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Slow Down Bowl

Vet recommended!

Our no-skid, stainless steel slow feed dog bowls help reduce the risk of bloat (a.k.a. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, GDV). It works with kibble or canned food and is available in 3 sizes:

Small Size (2 cups): 6" across the top and 2" tall.
Medium-sized (5 cups): 8" across the top and 3" tall.
Large Size (8 cups): 9.5" across the top and 3.5" tall

Please note: We don't recommend this bowl for dogs with very short snouts such as bulldogs and pugs.

About QT Dog ~ "QT Dog has assembled a line of products especially for the discerning pet owner who wants something special and out of the ordinary for their cherished pet and companion. As a manufacturer, it is our goal to produce and provide a variety of high quality products that are unique. You will be delighted by the style and color that sets us apart from the crowd. You will also be pleased with the affordability of our products."

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