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Petmate Chuck It Flying Squirrel

Chuck It Flying Squirrel

Have a far flung game of fetch with the Chuckit!® Flying Squirrel® Just grab him by a paw and throw like a flying disk. Its aerodynamic shape...


Petmate Chuck It! Classic Ball Launcher

Chuck It! Classic Ball Launcher

Terrific way to exercise your dog! Just the glimpse of a Chuckit!® toy is enough to excite the fetch-fanatic dog. The bright orange and blue...


Petmate Chuck It! Tennis Ball

Chuck It! Tennis Ball

Features an extra-thick rubber core Bright colors provide improved visibility when playing with your dog. Use alone, or with your Chuckit! Launcher,...


Petmate Heggies


Perfect for all sized dogs who like to love on their toys! Super soft, super cuddly and ready to grunt their way into your dog's playtime hour. Dogs...

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Petmate JW Crackle Ball

JW Crackle Ball

Great for toss and fetch games  This long-lasting dog toy is fashioned with a tough outer rubber layer which provides a protective wall. The...


Petmate JW Hol-ee Roller

JW Hol-ee Roller

Perfect for teething puppies! Hol-ee Rollers are made of soft, durable rubber. These tough toys provide interactive fun between dog and owner. It's...

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Petmate JW Hol-ee Treat Ball

JW Hol-ee Treat Ball

A dog treat dispenser and dog toy all rolled up into one  As your dog interacts with the toy the treat tube and inner ball move from side to...


Multipet International (MPI) Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop

Shari Lewis' classic and beloved lamb is adored by customers and their dogs. Its super soft exterior makes Lamb Chop great for cuddling, and its...

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Multipet International (MPI) Loofa Support Troops

Loofa Support Troops

A Loofa Dog with a cause Created to support our troops! About Multipet International (MPI)~ Established in 1995, MPI is a premier supplier of pet...


Multipet International (MPI) Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill

Remember Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live? Tons of our customers do, which makes this one of our best-selling nostalgic toys. When a dog bites down...


West Paw Design Merry Bones

Merry Bones

Give Your Dogs a Merry Christmas! Your dog won't believe how super soft and snuggly these holiday fabric dog bones are. Great fun for dogs who like...

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West Paw Design Mini Merry Bones

Mini Merry Bones

Give your dogs a Merry Christmas! Your dog won't believe how super soft and snuggly these holiday fabric dog bones are. Great fun for dogs who like...


West Paw Design Piney Plush Toy

Piney Plush Toy

Give your Dog a Merry Christmas! Handcrafted in Montana from super soft, rose fabric, your pooch will positively pine for Piney and Tiny Piney....

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West Paw Design Toppl Treat Toy

Toppl Treat Toy

Stuffable treat toy makes snack time fun Treat toys dispense fun and entertainment for your dog. Toppl is our topsy, turvy, treat-toting toy, and the...

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West Paw Design Zogoflex Tux Treat Toy

Zogoflex Tux Treat Toy

Treats Get Eaten, Not The Toy Tux is super durable. Dogs will love getting to chew this toy, especially when stuffed with dog treats. You'll love...


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