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The amount of raw food to feed your pet is dependant on several factors - age, weight, size and energy level. Monitor your pet’s weight periodically and adjust the total amount of food as needed. You can weigh your pet or check progress by watching  their waistline and ribs. You should be able to easily feel ribs underneath a thin layer of fat. If you have to dig to find ribs, then feed a little less. If you can see ribs without touching your pet, then add slightly more to the diet.
We use the following guideline as a starting point.
Feed 2 - 3% of your pet's weight daily in raw food. Most adults and seniors do best when fed 2 meals per day. (Estimated intake = total daily amount and divide by 2 meals)
Most toy breeds (15 pounds or under) have a higher metabolic rate and may need 3-5% of their weight daily. Some may require 3-4 meals per day.  (Estimated intake = total daily amount and divide by 3 meals)
During a pet's growth cycle they need more nutrition than adults. This can be anywhere between 5-10% of their present body weight. Growing pets need more frequent meals. (Estimated intake = total amount and divide by 4 meals)
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