Chris has made feeding raw incredibly easy. It has made a significant difference with the energy level and allergies of both of our GSD's. Ordering is a snap and delivery is always within a day or two. Thank you Chris for being a great resource and being so accommodating with your deliveries!! - Michael     

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Our Doberman does exceptionally well on a raw food diet. When I found ATG Pet Nutrition selling Blue Ridge products with delivery service that Chris offers, that was a life changing day for me! We have been buying from Chris for several years. Chris offers great prices and exceptional service for products that we use, what else would one ask for! We highly recommend Chris and ATG Pet Nutrition! - Champion Family   


We have been customers of Against The Grain for quite some time. We can't be more thrilled with the service we get from Chris but beyond that Levi is thrilled that he always has his favorite food on hand. Happy humans and happy dog! - Peggy  


Great Products, Great Service, Great Price! - Karen


Chris Wilson, and Against the Grain Pet Nutrition is a god send for me and Joker and Chic. Joker has to eat raw, and in Columbus GA there is not much choice- and what there is available is way over priced. Luckily I found Chris, who goes out of her way (literally) to meet me at various dog shows in Alabama and provide me with plenty of Primal or Oma's Raw dog food! She always has what I need, and at a fair price...and always at the show when she says she will be! It is such a blessing to have someone with this kind of customer service! The food is always fresh, not past the expiration date! Joker and Chic dance for joy when they see Chris and Against the Grain! LOL...- Mimi


Roverchase loves ATG Pet Nutrition! We are always so happy to refer our clients who have special dietary needs to ATG for their wonderful customer service and care. We love having a trustworthy source for our clients who are interested in feeding raw foods or have special needs pets! Thanks so much for providing such a great service for Roverchase and our clients! - Abigail  

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I love Chris and Against The Grain! While looking for brands of food that could be used by all of our dogs, Chris gave several options in my price point. I decided to try Fromm and have been surprised at the results. Our dogs have beautiful coats, less allergies, more energy, and better smelling breath! Then, we tried Etta Says chews. The duck and rabbit flavors are their favorite. I always hope I am home when Chris delivers our order. It is obvious she cares about her customers! - Angela


We have been using Against The Grain Pet Nutrition since we adopted our boy four years ago. We have always used the Canidae dry Pure Elements. His coat is like silk and he loves the food. It is a pleasure to be able to work with Chris in ordering his food. She makes it so simple and she can't do enough for you. We will ALWAYS use this company for our pets nutrition. It is so nice also to not worry about the food he is eating and to know how healthy he is by eating it. HIGHLY recommend Against The Grain Pet Nutrition!!!!! And Chris!!!;) ~ Cindy


We would be lost without Chris and Against the Grain! My two Scottish Terriers brothers (AKC) have been raw fed for most of their 6 years. With ATG, they are healthy and problem free; I could not keep my boys as healthy as they are without Chris. We haul from Harvest, thankfully Chris meets us (which I am positive, messes with her days) somewhere I can actually find! We all need to be promoting ATG on our social media platforms so ATG can reach more people, I'm hoping to increase ATG's business in the Huntsville area, how about you? My boys are happy, my husband and I are happy, what more could you want? ~ Michelle
*The picture attached is the puppy's favorite naptime hang out in the hot weather...prepare for company when you use the guest bathroom...

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Two years ago, as a result of unfortunate circumstances, our family became the "temporary parents'" of two ragdoll kittens, Pearl and Ruby. The sister kittens had previously been on a raw diet. In a search for raw food in the Birmingham area, we found Chris Wilson with ATG. Chris has given great service and guidance for the last two years. The raw beef is affordable and Chris delivers to our home. When I'm low on food I contact her and she brings the food to the front door when she is in our neighborhood!! Pearl and Ruby love the Blue Ridge beef raw. Sometimes we leave them with kibble when we are away but the raw is what they have come to expect! They are pretty girls and quite healthy. And the raw really helps lessen the litter box odor!! We also have a precious 8 year old pug, Elvis. Chris also delivers Fromm kibble for him. He loves the Fromm! Honestly, he loves all food and is always eager for an open opportunity to raid a bit of raw beef from the cat food dishes! We really appreciate Chris and ATG. ~ Wayne, Amy, Elvis, Pearl and Ruby Carr (Greystone)




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