Our Commitment to Safety

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Our Commitment to Safety

Against The Grain Pet Nutrition is 100% committed to pet food safety.

Pet food recalls were almost unheard of until about 2005. Now a recall seems to come out every other month. As Pet Owners are becoming educated and demanding higher quality pet products, more pressure is on pet food makers for complete disclosure, product testing and liability for unsafe foods.

The incidence of more (yet less lethal) recalls is actually a needed trend for pet food. Just think of the many years since the 1950’s that pet owners put blind trust in their pet food without a second thought for ingredient quality, deficiencies and contaminants. The Pet Food Industry has learned a few lessons from their past mistakes and learning will continue ONLY at our insistence for the highest quality possible. We, Pet Owners, are the catalysts for positive pet food changes.

Getting news of a recall is unsettling to all who love their pets. Alerting you about them is our responsibility as independent retailers. That is why we monitor the Truth about Pet Food website daily and immediately publish recall notices. Spokesperson for Truth about Pet Food, Susan Thixton began a program called Pet Food Recall First Alert, which is a notification system that promptly alerts customers of a pet food recall via email, phone and/or the web.

The Pet Food companies who have joined the First Alert Recall System to date are as follows:

Nature’s Logic    Mulligan Stew Pet Foods   Wysong
Solid Gold The Honest Kitchen Dogswell  
Dr. Harvey’s Complete Natural Nutrition  Fromm
Redbarn Champion (Orijen & Acana)  Kumpi 
Raw Health Canine Caviar Pet Foods

* Please note: This list is not an endorsement of any product by Against The Grain Pet Nutrition. Participation of manufacturers in the program is voluntary. It is not a guarantee any company will alert pet owners of problems with their food, nor does it guarantee the safety and quality of a pet food. What this list does however, is provide pet owners with a beginning… one of improved communication between the pet food industry and consumers. 


FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) 

AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) https://www.avma.org/News/Issues/recalls-alerts/Pages/pet-food-safety-365-day.aspx

To report an adverse event associated with pet food, submit a report to the FDA at www.safetyreporting.hhs.gov

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